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Marketing Manager

Data: 2021-10-20

Salary: $43.5/hour

Job Type: Full-Time

Permanent Language: English

Start date: as soon as possible

Job Location: 179 George St, Ottawa, ON Canada K1N1J8

Job duties:

• Implement marketing strategies to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage;
• Evaluate competitors and follow the new market trends;
• Create the programs and make sure creative and content are aligned with the strategic objectives of Lala Noodle;
• Manage and monitor the marketing budgets for their campaigns and tools;
• Track, analyze, and report on the impact of all their activities to improve their efforts;
• Maintain relationships with media, vendors, partners to promote the message of Lala Noodle;
• Analyze consumer insights to translate them into marketing strategies.
• Promote the brand of Lala Noodle to new customers and maintain relationships with customers;
• Manage and supervise the operation of the Lala Noodle based on existed regulations;
• Research marketing trends to feasibility and timing of opening the branch;
• Assist in the planning, content creation, and goal setting for our social media channels;
• Train, recruit, and develop the Marketing team consistent with the goals and values of the organization.


• A bachelor’s degree in business marketing, public relations, or a discipline related to a particular subject matter is required;
• At least 5 years of work experience in marketing is required;
• 2 years of experience in management position is required;
• Excellent organizational and planning skills;
• Ability to critical thinking and problem-solving;
• Collaboration and team ethic; able to work within a leadership team;
• Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges;
• Strong interpersonal and networking skills;
• Ability to handle multiple tasks and change priorities with minimal supervision.

If you are interested in this position, please apply with an updated resume through email: